Brown Collegiate Scholars Program

Applying to the Brown Collegiate Scholars Program

Any student who meets the eligibility requirements is encouraged to apply to the Brown Collegiate Scholars Program. The application for the Class of 2029 will open in early fall.

The Brown Collegiate Scholars Program Application Process

Students should speak with their families about the opportunity and review the information on this website before making a decision to apply. This list is a general overview, as there will be specifics within the application once available.

If you have questions about your existing application, please log in to your Application Portal or email 

Application Materials

To complete the application, students must submit the following information and documents:

  • A form providing information about the student and their parents/guardians, including:
    • full names
    • addresses
    • email addresses
    • telephone numbers
    • age of scholar
    • scholar’s current school
  • A 250- to 500-word essay responding to a prompt in the application
  • The student’s report cards for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade
  • A recommendation form filled out by a teacher, counselor or another administrator in the student’s current school
  • Applicants may also be asked to interview with a Brown staff member.

2024 Application Timeline

  • February 12: Application Open
  • April 22: Prospective Student Interviews Begin
  • May 3: Application Closes
  • May 10: Admissions Release Date
  • May 17: Enrollment Deadline
  • June 8: Accepted Student Orientation



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